Our focus

Abirx  is a product-driven company that specializes in health and beauty. We are well aware that beauty is more than skin deep and that there is not always a clear demarcation between health and beauty. We therefore put the same effort in R&D for both our beauty and health products. We are a privately held, 100% employee-owned, corporation in Atlanta, Georgia. Being a privately held corporation, we are unencumbered by investors’ interests which means we never compromise on safety or quality to satisfy investors. Rather, we have adopted a corporate culture that places the persons who use our products first. We will never compromise on safety or quality. Despite our competitive advantage in having a great pipeline of cutting-edge innovations, we still work relentlessly to give more to the persons who use our products. For example, we have designed our clot-buster to completely dissolve clots in blood vessels with as little as two doses, whereas our competition has their consumers dependent on their blood thinners for the rest of their lives. We put people first – always – and treat everyone at least as well as we would treat ourselves.  Despite not making profits a priority, we are still on track to be a global leader in health and beauty.

We currently have several portfolios in our R&D pipeline as well as several market-ready brands and brands out there making life happier and more beautiful for millions of persons who have tried them. Our beauty portfolios comprise of products that are revolutionizing the beauty industry – brilliantly innovative products that improve the quality of life while beautifying, such as Bear Hug™ and Lift Bunny™,  and that provide substantial health benefits in addition to their use in beauty.  Our health portfolios are more valuable than those of major pharma companies, owing to our innovative ways of inventing potential drug candidates. The quality of our drug discovery portfolio is unparalleled because we start with safety and maintain a steady focus on safety throughout the drug discovery and development process. Unlike our competition, we are not interested in doing the bare minimum for FDA approval. We put people first. We have great drug candidates in several portfolios, including cardiovascular, neuroscience, and oncology.

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