BOMB™ Abs is does something that no other abs support does - it lifts before tucking for an extreme support

There are several abs support garments and contraptions which merely support the abs by compressing it. Our patent-pending BOMB™ Abs uses a combination of elastic and inelastic components to provide a unique support that actually strengthens the abs while supporting it. BOMB™ first lifts the abs and engages the rectus muscles before it tucks it in. The result is superior support that looks and feels natural.

And that is not even the best thing about BOMB™ Abs. The best thing about BOMB™ Abs is that it strengthens and tones your abs while suporting it.

Whether you need abs support for cosmetic or clinical reasons, BOMB™ Abs will lift, tuck, support, strengthen and tone your abs in style.

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BOMB Abs first lifts your abs and then tucks it in. By lifting your abs first, it engages the rectus (6-pack) muscles of your abs and it has the same effect as an abs workout – without the pain of course. With continual use it will strengthen and tone your abs.

Can you wear your current abs support to the beach?