Elasteen™ lifts better than surgery and supports better than bras

Our patent-pending Elasteen™ is a conservative derivative brand of Lift bunny™, and, like Lift Bunny™, it uses a combination of elastic and inelastic components to lift the breast in an active manner that stimulates the release of elastin and collagen.

Elasteen™ restores perkiness and a youthful bounce while providing a lift that is better than surgery and support that is better than the best bras.

In addition to the standard black, white and nude, Elasteen comes in fancier styles - including exclusive bridal designs.

Although Elasteen™ is a device for correcting breast sagging and related problems, it is actually best to use it to prevent breast sagging in the first place. Bras contribute to breast sagging by providing a passive support, so it is a very wise idea to burn your bras today and start using Elasteen™ to prevent sagging or to restore perkiness and youthful bounce to your breasts.

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Elasteen™ Lifts, Supports and Restores Perkiness - comes in many stylish designs to replace bras and swimwear

Elasteen™ Lifts, Supports and Restores Perkiness

• Smart lift and support gives breast a full and youthful appearance.

• Restores perkiness with proper and continuous use.

• Restore perkiness by stimilating collagen and elastin secretion.

• Corrects breast ptosis, pseudoptosis and parenchymal maldistribution.

• Complements all evening dresses and wedding gowns.

• It makes breasts look one cup size larger.

• It comes in many sylish designs to replace bras and swimwear.