Lift Bunny Bridal™

There's a perfect Lift Bunny Bridal™ for every wedding dress

Your wedding day is a whole lot special with Lift Bunny Bridal™

Although we have over 102 Lift Bunny™ designs, we created a special bridal line, Lift Bunny Bridal™, to craft special lift and support bunnies that provide the perfect perkiness and youthful bounce to complement any wedding dress.

Lift Bunny Bridal™ makes your breasts appear fuller, up to one size fuller, and places them at the ideal position for a perfect fit of your wedding dress.

Your Lift Bunny Bridal™ is crafted to accentuate your figure and complement your wedding dress.

Lift Bunny Bridal™ come in a variety of styles and designs. If you prefer, we can even custom craft one for you.

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