Lift Bunny™

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Lift Bunny™ – Lifts, Supports and Restores Perkiness

• Smart lift and support gives breast a full and youthful appearance.

• Restores perkiness and youthful bounce to the breasts, when used continually.

• Restore perkiness by stimilating the secretion of collagen and elastin.

• Corrects breast ptosis, pseudoptosis and parenchymal maldistribution.

• Lifts breasts perfectly for a better and fuller fit in evening dresses and wedding gowns.

• Makes breasts look one cup size larger.

• With 120 color patterns to choose from, there's a Lift Bunny for every style and occasion.

102 color patterns to choose from

.Lift Bunny™ - Lifts, Supports & Restores Perkiness .