Octopus™ Braces

Our patent-pending Octopus™ braces use a combination of elastic and inelastic components to mimic fascia (dense fibrous connective tissue) and they heal injury and kill pain by removing strain from the site of injury and transferring it to adjacent healthy tissue.

There is an Octopus™ brace for every injury and for every pain.

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It is not often that a product improves the quality of our lives so drastically that it delivers instant and genuine happiness. An Octopus™ brace has exactly that effect. Octopus™ braces kill pain instantly, they prevent injury, they support weak and injured tissues, they enhance athletic performance.

Although some Octopus™ braces look like a hybrid of traditional braces and kinesiology tape it is as far away from those antiquated devices as could be. Octopus™ braces work by supporting weak, painful and injured tissue with adjacent healthy tissue, and by acting as external fascia – the dense fibrous connective tissue that holds your muscles and bones together. For example, when used for back pain, Octopus provides immediate pain relief by transferring the strain on injured tissue to adjacent healthy tissue. The result is pain-free living and pain-free living means happiness.

That’s why at Octopus™ we don’t look at ourselves as selling braces – we look at ourselves as selling happiness – instant happiness.

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Octopus™ extreme support back brace