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At Abirx we look at ordinary products in extraordinary ways and reinvent them to create innovations that excite the world. Our products make the world happy, beautiful and healthy.

Lift & Tuck

We are in position to be the global leader in lift and tuck, with multiple brands and products that lift better than surgery and without the adverse effects. Bear Hug™ and Lift Bunny™ lift breasts better than surgery and support better than a full bra, without the discomfort. They prevent and even reverse breast ptosis. Breasts appear fuller and firmer and up to one cup size larger. This is not your mom's bra.
Stick around and find out what else we lift and tuck better than surgery.

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Injury and pain

We are in position to be a global leader in injury and MEDICATION-FREE pain relief. We have an impressive variety of Octopus™ braces that function like having additional tendons and ligaments. They mimic tendons and ligaments and instantly relieve pain by transferring strain and stress from the site of pain to adjacent healthy tissue. They also heal injury faster by the same mechanism. We also have the first and only thermal foam rollers, Bamboo™ foam, that relieve pain fast with myofascial release combined with heat and cold therapy.

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Research & Development

We are currently developing dozens of inventions in three portfolios – consumer products, pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Our consumer brands cover beauty, pain, injury, sports, lift and tuck, etc. Our pharmaceutical portfolio comprises one neuroscience drug candidate and two cardiovascular drug candidates of extreme clinical importance. Our devices portfolio comprises a potentially game-changing oncology tissue ablation device and novel devices for treating wounds and burns.

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